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Anyone have Instagram?! This is such a fun way to post photos daily and use as a daily image for your 365 projects, project life, etc. Ok, So everyone knows i love to document my photos but sometimes taking daily photos is not always up to par with me. So once i got my hand on this app though through the iPhone i found it fun to take daily photos. I can add different filters and send it to my e-mail, twitter, facebook and even my flickr account. I love this cause it makes taking quick daily photos easier and i can print and document them to my Project Life album later on when i get the chance, and since it has an option to write a description, there goes my journaling thoughts so i can write up later. Love it! If you don’t have it, it’s a must have! Here are some photos i recently added, the quality is not so great on the camera cause i still have the iPhone 3Gs so i am not on the iPhone 4.

Speaking of iPhones do you know mine is completely going on me. My speaker does not work so i don’t hear any sounds while i play games or when calls are coming in or even when i type. I can only hear sounds when i have a headphone in. But i don’t want to upgrade yet cause i want the iPhone5 which who knows when exactly it will be coming out. So should i wait or get the iPhone4? You don’t realize how much you like your phone to make noise untill it’s actually gone.


So excited i recently got the Nikon D3100 and i love it. It was a gift from my lovie. I was so surprised and happy you don’t even want to know. I use to be a Canon DSLR camera but i sold it because at the time i wasn’t caring to much for bulky cameras and wanted to go back to a point and shoot, boy was that a bad idea. I can’t even begin to compare the quality from a point and shoot to a DSLR so let’s just say i missed it badly and wanted to switch back asap. Finally got it and i am in love with it. Read Full Article →

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